Hey! I'm Laura,

Success Coach for Women.

My question to you is this..

Are you ready to ditch the self doubt,

upgrade your courageous mindset

and blow UP your confidence?



What results can you expect from working with me?


Will sky rocket so you can fearlessly achieve your next level business goals. 


As a person and leverage your personal power.


Your courage so that you can upgrade your thinking.


From your limiting beliefs that keep you capped and trapped.


Through action without overwhelm. A clear roadmap to success.

Are you ready to Rise and Thrive?

I have coached 1000's of women across 4 continents to help them step into their personal power, sky rocket their confidence and create wild success in their personal and professional lives.

The Rise and Thrive coaching program is for powerful, capable women who are ready to push through their limits and step into next level success.

Let's get this GOING.


You’ve gotta have the courage to make a stand and create bigger and better results.

Join the 1000's of women who have been through my coaching program's over the last 5 years and make THIS the time you make a stand and say yes to YOU.

"Laura has been my guardian angel, a life-transformer and my biggest cheerleader. I wouldn't be where I am now without her unwavering support."

"I cannot recommend Laura enough. She has really helped me grow and develop in so many ways and really helped me gain clarity on what I want. She is a phenomenal coach!"

"This woman is incredible. I haven't got enough words to describe her! Laura is so knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about bringing out the best in people. I cannot thank her enough!"

"Laura has supported me through my promotion process. She is so friendly and approachable, down-to-earth and relatable with a real understanding of business environments."

"Laura is an absolute superstar, she changed my life!" 

"Laura's coaching is mind-blowing, she is amazing." 

I am one of the UK's top female success coaches, focussing on a hybrid of strategic coaching and neurolinguistics programming. I help people create success by resetting their mind, transforming their perspective and implementing strategies that will help them achieve their goals.

I help my clients create incredible synergy in their personal lives and businesses or careers so they can achieve the success they desire whilst maintaining balance and contentment throughout the process.

It’s about making small, consistent changes that create a big impact. 

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