Hi! I'm Laura, The Female Success Coach.

I help people create a mindset for success so they can achieve the results they want whilst feeling more balanced, productive & happy.

Your Next Steps Matter.


I am one of the UK's top female success coaches, focussing on a hybrid of strategic coaching and neurolinguistics programming. I help people create success by resetting their mind, transforming their perspective and implementing strategies that will help them achieve their goals.

I help my clients create incredible synergy in their personal lives and businesses or careers so they can achieve the success they desire whilst maintaining balance and contentment throughout the process.

It’s about making small, consistent changes that create a big impact. 

Whether you are someone searching for personal success coaching to help achieve your life goals, looking for clarity and confidence to start a business, an entrepreneur looking for accountability and support so you can grow your business or you have employees you'd like to support on a deeper level so they can achieve bigger and better results for your business, I can help create long-term change with transformational impact.

My coaching approach follows a tried and trusted formula that always gets results, the Success Grow model. This is about working through your current reality and bringing awareness to your obstacles, creating a new reality, setting new goals and most importantly, taking action and holding you accountable so we can create your success, together.


Are you feeling stuck and frustrated? Do you know you could be doing more but you can't seem to move past your fears and push yourself out of your comfort zone? Do you feel like you're in a vicious cycle of self-doubt and you're yearning to quit the bad mindset and step into your true potential? If this sounds like you, I can offer 1:1 coaching to help you reset and focus. This personal coaching has you at the forefront and we will carve a way together in creating your roadmap to success. The Personal Success Coaching will help you do just this.

Are you someone who cannot stop thinking about starting a business? Maybe it has it been on your mind for a long time but you can't seem to make your dream a reality. OR perhaps you've just started a new business or about to start one and you feel so overwhelmed with what to focus on and how to make your success a reality. My Start-Up Success Coaching could be just the ticket for you.

Perhaps you are an established entrepreneur and you'd like additional support. I understand how lonely and isolating being an entrepreneur can be. The emotional baggage of your business and/or your team, the fog people's opinions can create or the feeling of getting stuck in your own head when you know you want to create that next-level growth within your business. All of these things can cause confusion and frustration. If you think you need 1:1 support so you can bring the best of you to the table in order for your business to thrive, my Entrepreneur Success Coaching may be just what you need.

Coaching can unlock your team's potential and help them be more productive. They say happy employees make a business thrive and this couldn't be more true. Let's work together and create a high-performance culture that is completely aligned with the business strategy for growth. By supporting and developing your staff your business will achieve those next-level goals. Take a look at the Employee Success Coaching programme. Let's fuel your business' growth by helping your team thrive.


Now, lets get real for a second.

Three things you need to know about me and the way I work:


When I work with clients, I am FULLY invested in them. I take pride in adapting my approach so we can personalise your experience with the goal of supporting you in becoming the best version of yourself. I will honour your values and your vision and will be there to help you create the success you are looking to achieve.

The more you put into coaching the more you get out, so this really is the time to commit to yourself and say yes to your own happiness, which inevitably brings more success to your business.


I work within the framework of my results driven Success GROW model. This framework works for all types of clients.

Gaining clarity on the obstacles and creating the vision. 

Reset and recreate. 

Observing thoughts and seeking positivity. 

Way forward designed by creating action and accountability. 


I am realistic with the goals we set and create SUSTAINABLE change that you can continue with, long after we have finished working together.

My aim is to create a personal roadmap to success that works for you. I will hold you accountable and push you forward so you can make your success happen.

Small consistent changes create long-term impact and that is what we will focus on together.

What is success?

Success has many upsides: a sense of accomplishment, happiness, progress and prosperity. It's also about growth, achievement, winning, contentment and fulfilment. 


Life can also bring many downsides and pressures: criticism, unsolicited opinions, judgement, isolation, loneliness, lack of motivated or direction, high emotions and self-doubt.

I have worked with so many people who have struggled for so long and felt there was no way out of the fog. Even after they had poured their heart and soul into their goals, they felt uninspired and lost their motivation in finding the clarity and confidence to move forward.

Work With Me

I offer four support packages: Personal Success Coaching, Start-Up Success Coaching, Entrepreneur Success Coaching and Employee Success Coaching.

Whether you're feeling frustrated with your lack of progress or you feel like you've hit a plateau, I can help you.


'Laura gave me the encouragement I needed to reignite my business. Thank you Laura!'

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