Team Performance & Success Coaching

Coaching drives engagement, enhances productivity, and increases retention, enabling your company to achieve greater success. Executive coaching fosters a sense of value, builds confidence, identifies development areas, and provides a personal growth roadmap, helping team members excel in their roles.

Having coached thousands of employees, from individual contributors to C-level executives, I've seen profoundly positive impact throughout. Coaching makes people feel seen, heard, and valued, offering a space to unpack thoughts, challenge thinking patterns, and develop powerful new habits. This ultimately enables individuals to bring their best selves to work, driving business success.

Coaching has demonstrated significant positive impact:

*68% increase in retention*

Reducing recruitment time and allowing companies to focus on nurturing talent.

*7% increase in sales*

Showing that individuals can enhance their skills with confidence and the right techniques.

*66% increase in productivity*

Enabling companies to get more from their employees without causing burnout or stress.

*Statistics from BetterUp*

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Individual Performance Coaching

Gain valuable insights from a tailored list of focus areas. Enhance annual appraisals, 360 feedback, and general development areas to maximise team potential and boost revenue growth.

This approach is effective for everyone, from individual contributors to senior leaders.

6 month coaching plan.

1:1 monthly or bi-weekly sessions via zoom or in person.


Performance Coaching

Develop the key mindsets and behaviours that drive sales teams to peak productivity.

Our sales performance coaching focuses on building confidence, cultivating a success-oriented mindset, creating high-performing sales managers, and enhancing resilience and influencing skills. These areas are crucial for getting the very best from your team.

6 month coaching plan.

1:1 monthly or bi-weekly sessions via zoom or in person.

Annual Performance Coaching

Annual appraisals and 360 reviews are crucial for any business, yet they often have limited impact because individuals struggle to internalise feedback and drive change from within.

Coaching can transform this dynamic by providing your team with the time and space to reflect on feedback and create actionable steps to develop their skills.

1 x 90 minute session per team member via zoom or in person.

Let's chat and find out how coaching can elevate your business.

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Meet Laura

Certified international coach (PCC) with 15 years' of experience in sales and sales performance, leadership, business development and sales management with a host of global companies. I am driven by empowering people to thrive and support them by embedding key skills such as emotional intelligence, resilience, positive communication along with powerful influence that enhances personal success.

I see myself as a facilitator, an empathetic voice and supportive coach, one who can empower, transform and set clients on a path of personal and professional success.

With over 3000 coaching hours under my belt, I have coached high potential employees right through to C-Suite. Companies I have worked with include Virgin Atlantic, Marriott Hotel Group, Travelodge, Google, Marks and Spencers and Deloitte to name a few.